Aruba Support Center (ASC) transitioning to the Aruba Support Portal

Access to all content on ASC for your Aruba products will be discontinued in November 2020. To improve your support experience, we are consolidating all support sites to the Aruba Support Portal (ASP).

You can login to ASP here: https://asp.arubanetworks.com/

ASP has all current software and documents for your Aruba products and now has a centralized notifications solution. You can choose to receive email notifications for Security, Product, Software Releases, and Documentation notices for all your Aruba products, including the content from the ASC “Announcements” folder. ASP will be the only source for security and product notifications beginning October 1, 2020. Please refer to ARUBA-SB-20200910-PLALL01 Support Bulletin for more information on this change.

Note that https://support.arubanetworks.com will transition to ASP in November 2020.